Sulitze Muñoz Architects is a Spanish-German architectural studio with projects and works in different European countries, especially Spain and Germany.

From our headquarters in Madrid, Spain, in these years the office has carried out works in more than 40 different cities.

In order to make this possible, the office has always opted for the combination of two apparently opposite but complementary processes: a global design development and a local implementation, creating a network of collaborators, architects, consultants, engineers and technicians that ensure to give the specific, precise and exact answer for each project and each client.

The firm’s experience is characterized by its flexibility in fitting into large international projects defined by the participation of companies from different countries. These projects are represented by their complexity when it comes to coordinate all the agents involved. Clients and owners, architecture studios, interior design workshops, installation offices, technical specialists from different areas, project management companies, etc.

In this context of complexity, in some cases the studio takes charge of all the phases of the project and in others it assumes specific tasks depending on the assignment.


Madrid, Spain 

Av. Ciudad de Barcelona 51
28007 Madrid
+34 91 185 72 88